30 Minute Muffler

We have all your vehicle exhaust system, catalytic converter and muffler repair and service needs covered.

We can also do custom exhaust work for classic rides, muscle cars and other tricked-out performance vehicles.


What the Exhaust System Does

Ultimately, a good exhaust system will keep your car running smoothly. It performs a vital function to divert harmful exhaust fumes from your engine.  If the exhaust isn’t working right, bad things can happen. The engine can deteriorate. Even more scary is the potential for carbon monoxide building up in the passenger cabin, which can be deadly.

Signs of Exhaust Problems

There are some warning signs that could mean you have issues with your exhaust system, muffler, catalytic converter or exhaust pipe (aka the “tailpipe”).

Vibrations – If you’re car is vibrating a lot or losing power, it could be an exhaust problem. However, it could also be something else. You’ll want to get it checked out by our professional automotive technicians. . We’ll determine the real source of the problem and get it fixed for you.

Check Engine Light – If the catalytic converter is failing, it may trigger the check engine light on your dashboard display. Again, this is best checked out by auto repair professionals.

Rattling Noises – A failing catalytic converter may also sound like someone is shaking a metal box full of pennies. Know that your catalytic converter is one of the most expensive components of the exhaust system, so you never want to take chances. Get it inspected immediately if you hear this kind of sound!

Loud Exhaust Noises – If the “vroom vroom” of your car sounds louder than normal, it is likely your muffler or exhaust pipe. It is best to have it looked at and get minor repairs made before they lead to bigger problems.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency – If your car doesn’t seem to be getting the usual gas mileage, it could be an exhaust issue or something else entirely. It is worth getting an inspection.

Your car needs to breathe too!

Your catalytic converter, muffler and exhaust system are very important parts of your vehicle. You always want to make sure they are taken care of and performing properly.